EMF Detector


What is EMF? 

EMF, Electromagnetic Field, is the electric field that invades your environment and may be causing harm to your health and well-being. The EMF Detector measures the levels of EMF in your surroundings and, thus, may prove to an extremely value tool for living safely in todayís high-tech environment.

All electronic devices, including TVs, radios, computers, transformers and microwaves, generate EMF. EMF is measured in milli-Gauss or mG, and it is generally accepted that the safety limit for exposure to EMF should be no more than 2.5 mG.  Research has shown that if a person consistently experiences exposure that exceeds this standard, then that person could be at risk for developing health problems such as; headaches, fatigue, dizziness, skin rashes, miscarriage, leukemia, and cancer.  It has been proven that iron, which is necessary for healthy blood, is highly affected by EMF.  EMF, also, impacts the permeability of the cell membrane of our nerves, blood vessels, skin, and other organs. The intricate DNA of the chromosomes has been shown to be affected by EMF as well.  In fact, every biochemical process throughout our bodies involves precisely choreographed movement of atoms, molecules, and ions that are affected by EMF. You have probably heard about the numerous court cases where plaintiffs claim to have been injured by EMF.

The EMF Detector will help you identify the high EMF danger zones so that you can avoid excess exposure or eliminate them altogether.  The EMF Detector measures levels of EMF radiation in three different zones.

                                                               SAFE:  less than 0-2.5 mG
                                                               CAUTION:  2.5 to 7 mG
                                                               DANGER:  8 mG or higher

To use, simply turn on the Detector (you should see one of the LEDís light up) and move it around each of your electronic appliances and devices.  Make sure that the item you are testing is turned on and set to its highest power level.  You will see the level indicators change as you move the Detector around and closer to each device.  By doing this, you will be able to identify each zone.  It is especially important that you test all devices located in areas where you and your family members spend a significant amount of time.  Donít forget to test electric blankets / mattress pads, vibrating chairs / beds, alarm clocks, and computers, hair driers, microwave ovens, electronic transformers, and telephones.  The Detector will not measure high frequencies transmitted by cellular phones.

Take your Detector with you when you look for new homes / office or shop for new appliances.   An EMF safe environment can greatly improve your health and well-being.                                          

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